A New Year, A New You ??

I hate New Year’s resolutions.  There I said it, although I do think everyone else believes that as well so it’s not really a shocking statement.

I don’t believe that you need to make January 1st THE day to start anew and start fresh. That’s a whole lot of pressure to be putting on yourself and on the very first day of the year, especially when you most probably spent the night before drinking and staying up way later than you needed to; this is the moment where your mind and body need the day to relax and restore back to your normal. By not allowing at least one day for you to rest after a wild night of partying you’re essentially setting yourself up to fail on your New Year’s resolutions and goals; how can you get the motivation to make a decent meal or go to the gym if you can barely get out of bed (=p).

There’ s a lot of self-judgment when we set a goal for January 1st, and we break it the very first day. So guess what?! We don’t follow through with our goals after that because we think“oh well, I’ll probably fall off the bandwagon at some other point”.  That’s not true. How about instead of setting yourself to fail, rather set yourself up for success by listening to what is best for you and know that you are worth every goal you set for yourself and you need to start valuing the small and big things about your personal growth.

Starting fresh and anew does not have to be on one single day of the year but rather it’s a conscious choice to make the changes NOW; it’s the decision to start a goal and be the person you want to be NOW; it’s about being true to yourself and acknowledging that you want more for yourself and you want it NOW.

Now, there are some things that I like about making goals on Jan 1st. Like that it is a new year to start brand new, and that it’s an easy mark to gage how long you’ve been achieving your goal(s).  And with that being said, [and] the coincidence is that it just so happened that my inspiration and motivation to shake things up and move forward in life happened around the New Year.

I never intended on this to happen though I create and decide the themes that I want for myself for the following year*. I read Mastin Kipp’s** Daily Love: Growing in Grace which was so inspiring and I highly advise for you to go run out (right now) and buy this book – it is full of inspirations gems, and I bought myself the NutriBullet for my full-pulp, full-nutrient juicing needs (this is something I’ve been putting off for the past 1.5 years- silly Sam =p).

Don’t worry about keeping your resolutions and don’t stress if you happen to break them as well; you can make any day of the year your January 1st and you can create and set goals when it’s right for you and when you choose that you are ready to make that commitment for your life.

With all that being said I leave you with the following words:

Leave your comfort zone, Take risks, Choose Love, and Be true to You.


*written on January 2, 2015