Get Out of YOUR Own Way

A recent discovery of mine suggested that I was controlling my life too much. First thought was *pishhh* that used to be me… I am so much more laid back now! I don’t control nearly 75% of what goes on in my life and I’m ok with that! … and then it hit me: I am still controlling that other 25%.

What I thought was progress on my journey of growing up (which it was 5 years ago!) has become stagnant and now more progress needs to be made on this front.

This is going to be tough…I don’t know how much more control I can give up!... My life is less structured and less directed, what else is there to give up!?  Gahhhh!

It wasn’t until a conversation with a peer that it dawned on me: don’t control HOW you are going to live; envision a life for yourself and what you want and everything will come to you.

Now, I understand that this is foreign language to a lot of you so I will say it to you in the just 7 words:
            Just get out of Your Own Way

Sometimes we need to step away from a situation, especially if it’s not working in our favour or we’re not in the flow with it, and let it all unfold the way it needs to unfold, not the way you want it.

We all fall victim of planning our lives so much that we sometimes forget to sit back and allow things to happen the way it should happen with out judgment or fear; and when our plans go awry we try even harder to keep them close. 

So next time when you keep hitting that brick wall, and that little voice keeps telling you to stop, don’t make a detour to come back to the issue, maybe you should just sit back and just get out of your own way… it’ll find a way to work itself out, you just got to have faith. 


*written on January 31, 2015