As the owner of a workspace that values holistic wellness, Sam’s gentle yet powerful Yin Yoga classes help us all slow down and unwind from a busy week. What I love about Sam’s classes is that they are so much more than asanas - she always shares insights into nutrition, spirituality, and personal development. In a world of yogis who are really just about fitness, Sam’s integrity stands out as she truly lives her practise, giving herself, and by extension everyone she teaches, permission to slow down and take good care of ourselves. Sam is also a generous and professional collaborator and an invaluable member of my community.
— Emily Rose Antflick, Founder + Chief Community Cultivator, Shecosystem Coworking + Wellness
I met Samantha Warren at a Shecosystem launch in 2016, and have been a believer in yoga ever since. I have attended multiple yoga sessions with Sam, both at Shecosystem and at the Yoga Village, and I have always left Yin and Hatha Yoga sessions feeling rejuvenated and more connected. As a firm believer in honouring free will and boundaries, I appreciate that in Sam’s class, she very clearly articulates that ‘this is your practice’, and that there’s nothing you need to do in her sessions. She extends that to giving her consent to make physical contact as well - and she honours your decision to allow, or refuse, physical contact. Thank you for doing what you do, Sam!
— Crystal-Marie Sealy, Speaker & Strategy Consultant, Successiory
Sam’s yoga class was very restorative. I felt incredibly relaxed and supported as she guided us into gentle poses. I was thinking clearer and feeling really confident and grounded in my body after the class.
— Keidi P.
I experience a feeling of rejuvenation and serenity after attending Sam’s restorative class. Her comforting words and guidance makes one flow through the poses and breaths, without effort but joy and calmness; a feeling that transcends through your whole being expanding to the continuum of your day. Sam has a loving and gentle teaching style that allows for the body to let go of the tension that it feels, and allowing the mind to reach a stay of quietness. She offers a safe space where you can reconnect to your breath and to the beautiful relaxed essence that lies inside of you.
— Jennifer G.
Sam is a great yoga instructor and coach. I never tried Yin Yoga before, however, she introduced it beautifully, explaining its history and evolution. She checked in with everybody in the class to see what they would like to work on. I tend to have tight and stiff shoulders so she added a stretch to address that. I really like how inclusive she was and how she led the class. Her structure, pace and tone were impeccable. She gently guided us along, always qualifying that we complete a breath or stretch at our own pace. She melted any perceived pressure and facilitated the poses with sage questions and suggestions. I highly recommend her.
— G. Reis, Toronto
I am the type of person who needs to be busy. I need to always be doing SOMETHING. Sam had always told me to ‘slow it down’, and has told me the importance of stretching and giving my body and brain a rest. I do not know how to do this. I must say though, I look forward to Sam’s restorative sessions. It allows me to stretch, and work on pains and aches that I have from the gym and work. I usually end up falling asleep during our sessions and I am the type of person that cannot fall asleep just anywhere! It allows me to relax and focus on ME. I always leave feeling refreshed.

Sam is an incredible teacher. She customizes her sessions to suit your needs. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help them. I have learned so much from her and I am thankful for that. It has changed the way I work out and run my business
— Kate W. of Kate Warren Photography
Sam’s yoga classes feel very therapeutic. I love the way she explains things: sometimes with rich metaphor, sometimes with a twinkle in her eye, and always with deep knowledge and compassion.
— Michelle
Sam is the best yoga instructor I have ever come across! I love her soothing voice and gentle
nature, and it shows that she has vast experience in teaching yoga. She is so caring and makes
sure that she tailors the class to whatever we need to work on being very mindful to take into
account where we are at in our yoga experience.

I make sure to take Sam’s classes as much as I can and always look forward to them. I love how
she incorporates essential oils, head rubs, calming music, Tibetan singing bowls and smudging
for the class, I always end with a deep feeling of bliss! I am unable to move and just want
to stay there. I love her dearly, she is truly an amazing and inspiring person.
— Anitta Helena Carr, EFT/Reiki Practitioner
Sam is the definition of warm and fuzzy. She is bubbly and beautiful, and all of her personal traits asset her business perfectly. She is gentle and kind. Passionate and nurturing. She is the type of person you can open up to very quickly... Which is very important to me when I seek out a yoga instructor. Yoga is a vulnerable practice so feeling comfortable and safe is key. I would recommend any of Sam’s services to anyone looking for healing and restorative work.
— Chelsea C. of CC's Kombucha tea